CP Group Order Halted

Hello All,

Kevin Conkey and myself, Scott Myers, have been discussing the legal
aspects of sending out these CP caps.  We have decided it is not
worth the small risk that is involved.  While we are not "agents" of
CP in any way, shape or form, we felt that it was best to bow out
of the entire situation.

Do not interpret this decision as a loss of faith in CP.  It is just
that this situation has grow far complex for our comfort.

I personally will continue to use CP caps, if they will still offer
them to me.  I have several of their caps and they have not given me
any problems.

However, if you continue to use the caps from the original order, be
advised that you do so at your own risk.  There should be safety shields
installed around ANY pulse capacitor in an electrical system.  To not
do so is foolhardy.

All money sent to Kevin Conkey and me will be returned forthright.

Scott Myers