Need help comprehending EM

I posted on this earlier but got no replys. I will try once more
before considering the group as an exhausted source of light on
this one subject.

I have done much work searching for an answer to my question about
electromagnetism. I have gone to book stores, searched the web and
looked at school physics books. I am not yet ready for Maxwell's
equations. I am at a stumbling block where I can not picture the
electromagnetic concept in my mind. I am stuck with a picture I
keep seeing of the x, y and z axis picture where there z axis is
time, y axis is the electric wave (a sine wive in the picture) and
the x axis is the magnetic wave (also a sine wave). My problem is
that I can not picture this in my mind in reality. If I picture a
radio signal coming from a tower, I can picture a 'ribbon' radiating
outward spherically from the tower but can't incorporate the 90 degree
wave (ribbon?) on the other axis. In an antenna book I saw a picture
drawn of a 'ribbon' in the sky across a city, but this would help my
visualization of only the electo part or y axis not what is going on
with the x axis or magnetic wave. The classic electromagnetism picture
shows both x and y axis waves having common zero crossover points and
this also adds to the problem of my visual conception.

If anyone can help I would be very appreciative. Even if the suggestion
is to read a certain 3rd grade book, I will have no problem humbling
myself to such as simple pictures have helped me th most sometimes.

If there was (don't laugh) a book called Maxwell for Dummies, rest
assured I would have already obtained it if it exsisted!!!

Thanks all,
        Bob Schumann

==  If you understand, things are just as they are.        ==
==  If you do not understand, things are just as they are. ==