Re: Singing like a banshee

Chip wrote:

"[ I'm going to put this in the safety FAQ if/when I get to that
  It'll go under the "legal safety" section -- 

  When I first started getting into tesla coils, I called the FCC.  The
  didn't know much about them, but the one point he made that was clear
  was that modulating a coil (and thus any output RF waves) is illegal.
  If you are going to do this experiment, I suggest constructing a
  cage for your apparatus. -- Chip ]"

Chip, all,

My understanding is that, technically speaking, all TC's are
transmitters of radio frequency emissions in the FCC regulated
spectrums.  Granted that a well tuned TC is a very inefficient
transmitter, as the majority of the energy is being dissipated as
electrical discharge, but nonetheless, a transmitter.  My understanding
of the FCC Regulations is that ALL transmitters must be licensed and
operate according to the set standards.  Speaking to a FCC official
about voice modulated TC's would be like talking about pirate radio.  If
anybody here has had any dealings with the FCC good or bad I would be
interested in hearing about it, especially in relation to public
displays of TC's.  My belief is that operating a TC in a Faraday cage is
the only "legal" way to do so.  If I am way off base here please let me
know. Thanks all.

David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>