More Transformers

Hello everyone,
                I haven't as yet had a look inside a neon but have 
pretty much inferred how they are built from reading people's 
experiences of doing this. I have a question:
   What gauge wire is typically used for the primary? The reason I 
ask is that I may at some stage face the prospect of repairing one,
and rather than put up with the rather bad characteristics of them,
wind lower voltage secondaries and operate them without the shunts.
Judging by the weight there would be plenty of iron there and I would 
guess that a moderate sized neon would have enough to run at 2kVA
or more intermittently.


[As I recall, it was 136 turns of Aluminum(!) wire about 2-3mm on a 15/60.
 The secondary was about 31 ga if memory serves me properly.  Chip ]