Re: Capacitor

>I have those btc3 plans too. The primary is a bad design in my opinion. 
>Try making a bigger primary. (I beleive the btc3 one will not let you 
>tune under 5 turns.)
Reply, This was best tuned at 10 turns. Maybe it needs more than 10.

>I don't think atmospheric conditions can effect a coil by this much.  
>Mabe you put 240 volts through a 110-115 volt transformer and blew the 
>cap. ( I am assuming you have the exact btc3 described in the plans.) Try 
>grounding your coil a bit better. Try anything! :-)
>Greg. Reply, I am using a big step down transformer to give the correct
voltage. I am trying everything I can Think of. The only sure way is to buy
a tried and tested coil from one of you out there and just simply plug it in
here and see if it still works. I am trying to persuade Malcolm to build me
one but if anyone else has an old one that can do this test then please test
it then let me buy it from you.

Paul Millott (Failed again)