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>Rwstephens Wrote:
>"The successful voice modulation of a high-powered spark gap
>oscillator powered Tesla coil is a back burner project I've been
>working on.  If you listen to the first vocals from the Black Sabath
>song Iron Man, and imagine this acoustical voice energy coming entirely 
>from the
>discharge of a medium-large coil you have an idea of what I expect to
>accomplish.  Again, this will not be new, but IT WILL be fun!"
>Hello, that's something I really want to do at some point (By next 
>summer at least!).  But, I haven't a clew about how to start with a 
>small to medium sized coil!  Could you or someone else give me some 
>pointers?  Has anybody on this group done such a thing with a disruptive 
>discharge coil?  Voice modulation, even low quality, would indeed be 
>cool!  I would be grateful for any replies.
> Thanks all.
>David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>
I just came across this url during an Alta vista search:

>Spark Transmitter
>     Radioscientist ON-LINE. The Sounds of a Spark Transmitter:
> Telegraphy and Telephony. John S Belrose Radio
>     Sciences Communications Research Centre Ottawa...
>     http://www.sns.it/~cerri/spark.html - size 16K - 9 Apr 95


[ I'm going to put this in the safety FAQ if/when I get to that section.
  It'll go under the "legal safety" section -- 

  When I first started getting into tesla coils, I called the FCC.  The guy
  didn't know much about them, but the one point he made that was clear
  was that modulating a coil (and thus any output RF waves) is illegal.
  If you are going to do this experiment, I suggest constructing a faraday
  cage for your apparatus. -- Chip ]