Re: CP Group Order Halted

> [major snippage because what I first wrote was out of anger]
> I need a pep talk.
> Bob Schumann

I had to erase my posts too. Same reason. Gotta turn this anger into 
something constructive for the good of the group. I suggest we first 
formalize a saftey checklist and agree to follow it. Then limit our 
membership to those who sign off on the checklist.

I'll help draft it...

Jeff W. Parisse

[ The saftey list is a great idea.  It should go in the FAQ that Kristian
  has worked on.  As to limiting membership, that's another story.  I will
  try to work up some sort of saftey warning for new members, but there is no
  way that I can enforce safe practices by list members.  All that I can and 
  do enforce is that the topics of discussion be tesla coil related.  
  I don't discriminate based on anything else. -- Chip ]