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>Thanks Malcolm, although I am having some trouble with these figures. I do
>not doubt the value of 100nF but have trouble replicating it. Using the
>traditional formula of C= KA/d   K = Dielectric Const (2.28 for LDPE)
>                     A = overlap area in inches
>                     d = dielectric thikness in inches
>(answer in pF) 
>gives a value of 238nF for a flat cap and roughly double that for a rolled
>cap. I have been rather short of sleep lately and may be staring the obvious
>in the face. Please show me what it is.
	C= 0.224 *(N-1)* KA/d	for a flat plate Inch units
	C= 0.224 * N   * KA/d   for a rolled cap. N in both cases is
the number of plates. The factor 0.224 is the Inch conversion factor.
There is another number for Metric which I don't keep on the top of my