Re: Safety FAQ (Electrical Hazards)

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> Hmmm, I've often held a copper rod in the output sparks of a 4" coil. It
> was only 1 kVa so I assume it was quite safe. On a larger coil, say 5 -
> 10 kVa, would it still be safe to do this?
> I know Bill Wysock (spelling?) is renound for sitting atop a 1MV coil.
> The reason I ask, is because when I show my new coil, I would like to be
> able to demonstrate this effect. The coil is running at about 2 kVa.
> Is this safe? (provided I am well insulated and in good tune)
> Thanks,
> Greg.
> P.S. Anyone know any other good demonstrations for TCs, like lighting up
> neon lights etc?


I wouldn't fiddle with a 2 KW coil on a bet for a demo to a bunch of 
yahoos!!  Sure they'll get a thrill, but it's your ASS on the line!!  
Avoid all such risk taking.  Remember, that the old Tesla coil wizard and 
author, Transtrom was killed doing just such a stunt.  Man I cringe at 
the though of taking a hit from my little 25 watt system, but will do it 
for grins.

The key is to either stand on a totally insulated stand (like Wysock) and 
become part of the terminal capacitance, or to make sure that the coil's 
discharge and your detuning of it at the time of arc to your body will 
not blow through your shoes!  This RF burns the feet and it will be 
painful to walk for about a week.  

Best advice,  Avoid this smallish showmanship if possible, and avoid all 
excessive showmanship period!

Richard Hull, TCBOR