Re: Safety FAQ (Electrical Hazards)

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> Hmmm, I've often held a copper rod in the output sparks of a 4" coil. It
> was only 1 kVa so I assume it was quite safe. On a larger coil, say 5 -
> 10 kVa, would it still be safe to do this?
> I know Bill Wysock (spelling?) is renound for sitting atop a 1MV coil.

FWIW - I knocked around with Bill for a while, several years ago.
(yes, the spelling is correct....!) I can vouch for the "sit on top of the
coil" trick, as I have personally sat on top of the very same coil...the
key is that Bill (and myself as well, with my own personal coil) use an
insulated platform connected to the coil. My table uses two large porcelain
insulators salvaged from the DWP scrap yard, which were modified to allow
them to screw together...

Anyhow, you need to re-tune the coil to take into account the extra C
created by the large surface area of the pedestal and the body sitting
on top of it. As my coil sits, it will throw a pretty nasty 68" spark into
the air. When tuned to the pedestal, I can still get 48" sparks off the
metal rods I hold in my hands. (Latest idea is to use stainless steel
meat-cutter's gloves - in actuality chain mail - connected via a wire to
a clip on the pedestal. Imagine tossing sparks off the tips of your

Bottom line here is to make *damn* sure you are very, very, VERY well
insulated. I took a direct hit to ground once, and it wasn't pleasant.
I did hear of one poor fellow who did the same thing with an even larger
coil, and he isn't here anymore to tell you NOT to try it, if you get my

- Brent Turner