Re: Amateur Night


You wrote: 


>It doesn't seem right to me, but after a little fiddlin' around with 
>the tune, it seems to put out longer sparks at around 85-90 volts? Go 
>figger :)  Anyway from what i've read here, neons don't like 
>"overvoltage", so I didn't bother to try 140v on them.


I've had similar experience.  I've found it to be a function of the 
spark gap firing a little soon or not quenching well enough.  I opened 
the gap a little bit and had significant improvement.  Applying air 
suction to the gap for quenching really improved it.  How do you quench 
your gap?  Also, I've driven my 12/60 neons at 140 v without ill 
effects.  Yet.  

Suggestions from others?