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>I've followed these rules for over ten years and they've never let me down...
>1. Buddy System - I NEVER coil alone. There is safety in numbers.

   Not a bad idea.  However this would put the damper on a few men
   on these Tesla lists who do it to get away from their wives  ;-)


>Jeff W. Parisse
>Comments? Additions?

   Yes.  I was once saved by half-inch thick rubber soles.  Shortly
   out of school on my first job in research, I was hooking up a 3-kV
   power supply which I thought was off.  It wasn't.  (Kids!  I was
   too confident.)  I felt the tiny tingle and was quite surprized. 
   Would have been more than a tiny tingle if it hadn't been for the
   shoes, as I was standing on a bare-copper ground plane.

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