Re: Railroad Track Ground


You wrote: 

>We're planning on renting out the coil for a video shoot in downtown 
>Los >Angeles (the scummy industrial part) and the ground at the site 
>is to >hard or asphalt covered to bury copper poles and flashing. We 
>are thinking of drilling and tapping a 3/8" ground lug on one of the 
>nearby railroad tracks which is partially uncovered (the rest is 
>buried under the street).
>Any thoughts?...   ...Jeff Parisse

RQ used a buried car hydraulic lift as part of his old grounding 
system, I believe.  In my view, electrons care about impedance rather 
than material make up when they choose their path.  Can you soak the 
earth around the rail with salt H2O?

As an alternative and back up, consider Duane Byland has used a 
counterpoise in his TC experiments.  I recently bought a used one from 
Fair Radio for $12 to experiment with when I get my TC back on line.  
It's copper wire and 15' in diameter.  You could try one out first and 
at least have a back up when you get to your shoot site.  I do not 
suggest that they are better that a good earth ground.