Re: Safety FAQ is here -- draft, asking for comments.

Hi Chip,

     Good to see the FAQ is materializing -----
I'd intended earlier to mention another possibility
of potential danger --- from X-Rays--

      I have seen the effects from a glow discharge
tube of the glass glowing green -- as a result of
 X-Ray collisions with the silicon atoms --

      I have seen the stand-off insulators of caps.
glow with enough light to read by , after being 
exposed to a 30 sec. energy burst of a low power 
system (15 kv - 120 ma. neon ) gap --- Granted,
------ there is a bunch of IR / UV ----- how about the
other energy bands ??
       Has anyone done any research along these 
lines ??    One of my future projects ( # 20 zillion ) is
to utilize my photo lab to investigate this area. 
        Perhaps some one already has the data
--- ???