Science and Engineering References possibly helpful to coilers

These are a semi-random assortment of refernces and texts which I have
collected because of their relevance to Tesla coils. Among the topics found in
these references:

Inductance calculations
Skin and Proximity Effect
Transmission lines and filter networks
Q factors
Helical and other Resonators
Arcs and other discharges
High Voltage measurements
Tesla coil applications and analysis


Simple Inductance Formulas For Radio Coils
Harrold A Wheeler
Proceeding of IRE V16 #10 p1398 Oct (1927)
# Approximate formulas with little derivation
The Design of Inductances for Frequencies between 4 and 25 Megacycles
Dale Pollack
Transactions of AIEE V56 p1169 Sep (1937)

Alternating-Current Reistance and Inductance of Single Layer Coils
C N Hickman
Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards V19 p73 

A Study of the High-Frequency Resistance of Single Layer Coils
A J Palermo and F W Grover
Proceedings of IRE V18 #12 p2041 (Dec 1930)
# mostly an experimental work

Formulas and Tables for the Calculation and Design of Single Layer Coils
F W Grover
Proceedings of IRE V12 p193 (1924)
# much of this is reprinted in Grover's book (see below)

Coaxial Line with Helical Inner Conductor
W Sichak
Proc IRE V42 p1315 (Aug 1954)

The Effect of Displacement Currents on the High Frequency Resistance
of Circular Single Layer Coils
A J Palermo
Proc IRE V20 #11 p1807 (Nov 1932)
# interesting, but possibly incorrect

Measurements of the High Frequency Resistance of Single LAyer Soleniods
Willis Jackson
IEE JOurnal V80 p440 (1937)

H.F. Resistance and Self-Capacitance of Single-Layer Soleniods
R G Medhurst
Wireless Engineer V2 p35,p80 (Feb 1947)
# Quite extensive work though experimental tables do not, for the
most part, cover the parameter ranges in which Tesla coils are 
normally operated.

Theory of the Beam type Traveling Wave Tube
J R Pierce
Proc IRE V35 p111 (Feb 1947)
# Appendix covers the derivation of the slow-wave propegation along
a helix

Coaxial Resonators with Helical Inner Conductor
W W McAlpine
Proc IRE V47 p2099 (Dec 1959)

Lines And Resonators with Helical Inner Conductor
Excerpt from Reference Data for Radio Engineers -4th Ed p600

Commerical Insulating Materials
Excerpt from Reference Data for Radio Engineers -4th Ed p62
# reference on dielectric constant, dissipation factor, and breakdown
of common materials

Skin Effect
F E Termon
Excerpt from Radio Engineer's Handbook (1943) p30

An Integration Method of Deriving the Alternating-Current Resistance
and Inductance of Conductors
Harvey L Curtis
Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards V16 p93-124 (1919)
# long paper but thorough

Determination of Voltage, Current, and Magnetic Field Distributions 
together with the Self-Capacitance, Inductance and HF Resistence of
Single Layer Coils
Proc IRE p537 (April 1953)

Helical Antennas
Excerpt from Reference Data for Radio Engineers-4th Ed p683
# simplification of Pirece's work on helical resonators

The Bandwidth of Helical Antennas
T S M MaClean and R G Kouyoumjian
IRE (or IEEE) Transactions on Antennas and Propegation pS379 (Dec 1959)

The Effect of Small Variations in Pitch upon the INductance of
a Standard Soleniod
Chester Snow
Bureau of Standards Journal of Research V6 p777 (1931)

High Frequency Resistance of Inductance Coils
Gregory Breit
Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards V7 p569 (1922)

Wide-Frequency-Range tuned helical Antennas and Circuits
A G Kandoian and W Sichak
IRE National Convention Record 42-47 (1953)

Field Theory of Travelling Wave Tubes
L J Chu and J D Jackson
Proc IRE p853 (Jul 1948)

Transformer Type Accelerators for Intense Electron Beams
E A Abramyan
IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci NS-18 p447 (1971)

Design Charts for Tesla-transformer-type relativistic 
electron beam generators
H Matsuzawa and S Suganomata
Review of Scientific Intruments V53 #5 p694 (May 1982)

A Tesla transformer high-voltage generator
C R Hoffmann
Rev. Sci. Instrum. V46 #1 p1 (Jan 1975)

Elecron beam production by a Tesl transformer Accelerator
I Boscolo, M Leo, A Luches, and L Provenzano
Rev. Sci. Instrum. V48 #7 (Jul 1977)

A solid state low-voltage Tesla coil demonstrator
D G Bruns
American Journal of Physics V60 #9 p797 (Sep 1992)
# worth getting some discussion of 'magic' k values

Operation of a Helical Resonator plasma Source
K Niazi, A J Lichtenberg, M A Lieberman and D L Flamm
Plamsa Sources Science and Technology Vol3 #4 p482 (Nov 1994)
# recent use of base driven resonator for generating plasmas

A Radiofrequency High-Voltage Generator
David H Sloan
Physical Review Vol47 p62 (Jan 1935)
# Vacuum Tube powered base-driven helical resonators plus
homemade 100kW vacuum tubes - a must have

High-voltage Testing Equipment
B L Goodlet
Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers Vol74 p377 (1934)
# derivation of pulse type Tesla coil equations


High Voltage Laboratory Technique (1954)
J D Craggs and J M Meek
# Tesla Coil Analysis and lots of other high voltage equipment
also has measurent techniques

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Design (1985)
M P Perry
# Skin and Proximity Effects, Litz wire etc..

The analysis of Eddy Currents (1974)
R L Stoll
# Great book for numerical computaions on skin, proximity effects

Static and Dymanic Electricity (1989 reprint)
W R Smyth
# General but extensive E&M text--- a must for fields and waves 
# 2nd edition has a very complete section on transient behavior of
# tuned coupled circuits (Corum brothers duplicate this)

Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics (1984)
S Ramo, J R Whinnery, and T Van Duzer
# Antennas Helical resonators and other slow wave structures
---very good--- for helical resonators, its the first book I'd look

Electrical Engineer's Handbook 4th Ed
Pender and McIlwain

Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers 9th Ed
A E Knowlton

Antennas (1950)
J D Kraus
# great book on antennas --- has section on helical antennas

Electronic and Radio Engineering 4th Ed
F E Terman
# tuned coupled circuits

Electrical Breakdown in Gases (1978)
Meek and Craggs
# everything (almost) you wanted to know about electrical discharges

Electron Avalanches and Breakdown in gases (1964)
H Raether

Gaseous conductors: theory and engineering applications (1941)
J D Cobine

Vacuum Arcs ( Theory and APlication) (1980)
# Industrial Power switching 

Gas Discharge Physics (1991)
# notable for inclusion of laser induced breakdown of air in path 
over 30meters 

Modern Transmision Line Theory and Applications (1979)

Electric Power transmission (1938)
L F Woodruff
# skin effect calulation - corona losses

Lines, Networks and Filters (1951)
W M Breazle and L R Quarles
#  nice book

Transmission lines and filter networks (1950)
J J Karakash

Inductance Calcualtions
F W Grover
# how to compute the inductance of just about any geometry
# classic book but rare these days

Network, Lines and Filters (1955)
# complicated problems in terms of mesh equations

Vacuum Switchgear (1994)
A Greenwood
# High power high speed vacuum arc switching for industrial 
and scientific purposes

High Power Switching (1987)
I Vitkovistky
# Power switching (up to multi-mega amperes!) using spark gaps
liquid, solid gaps, vacuum arcs etc... nice book.

Feel free to suggest additions to this list...