Re: Tesla Software

Quoting "John H. Couture" <couturejh-at-worldnet.att-dot-net>:

> We have never met...

We met briefly in Colorado Springs a few years back, but I would
not expect you to remember.

> and as I am new to the Tesla List I was surprised to hear of 
> your dissapointment with the spark lengths shown by my JHCTES
> computer program. The JHCTES spark lengths were obtained from 
> test data provided by coilers like you. The spark lengths are 
> average lengths and it is obvious your sparks are better than 
> average.

I did not bring this up to debate spark lengths.  

The problem is the software returns an error code when a high
inductance per unit volume secondary design is input. The error
code states that these designs are exceeding the allowable
breakdown voltage of the construction. My experience with these
type secondaries is that they are above average in electrical
strength as well as being above average performers. Your program
indicates these designs are inherently faulty and would appear to
steer a novice coiler from even attempting to build a high
performance coil based on this type design. There are many
coilers here on the list who are operating very high inductance
(per unit volume) secondaries, and appear very satisfied with the
performance, yet with few exceptions these coil designs would
return the "exceeds voltage breakdown limits" error message when
the coil data is run through JHCTES.

> The JHCTES program uses 46 of the major Tesla coil parameters 
> as inputs and outputs. I have had many favorable comments 
> regarding the program. What are your comments on the other 
> parameters of the program?

There are many aspects of your work that are extremely helpful. 

> I would be willing to change the program if additional test 
> data on other parameters warrants the revisions. I would be 
> pleased to send you a complimentary copy for your review. 

I would also like to put my hottest coil designs through your
latest version. I have reams of raw data from these coils that
you are more than welcome to access if it would assist you in 
producing better software.

> Thank you for your interest in helping me keep my computer 
> program and books up to date.

It is clear that you have devoted many, many hours to producing
materials to help coilers, and I am very familiar with your work,
but there are more than a few ways to skin Tesla's cat. High
inductance coils make extremely potent resonators, and I feel you
should expand your work so as not to exclude these designs.

Richard Quick

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