Re: PFC for neons

>From: Richard Wayne Wall <rwall-at-ix-dot-netcom-dot-com>
>To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
>Subject: Re: PFC for neons

>Capacitance may be added in series with the primary and at the driving  
>frequency of the mains, a tank circuit is formed with capacitive 
>reactance balancing inductive reactance.
Yes it will, but:
>  The power factor is thus 
>"corrected" and power appears resistive rather than reactive.
A series RLC circuit at resonance will appear to be just the resistive
portion. R in this case is the primary winding resistance - very close
to 0! Now, just ask yourself what will happen when you plug in a 100'
or so of wire to your power mains;) poof

Use a parallel combination instead.

As a general rule: series resonant circuits are low impedance,
parallel resonant circuits are high impedance.