Jeff Parisse's Safety Tips

I've followed these rules for over ten years and they've never let me down...

1. Buddy System - I NEVER coil alone. There is safety in numbers.

2. Remote Control - I use a remote control with a separate d.c. power supply to control two (hot 
& neutral) heavily over rated relays. Control voltage lines are run with 2 conductor cable plus 
ground shield. A key switch and indicator serve as a safety and a momentary contact "on" switch 
acts as a "deadman".

3. Master Power - I never use master power. I UNPLUG the power unit. When plugged in, both the 
coil and the remote have bright red lamps indicating that the aforementioned relays are in a 
power ready mode. Nobody gets near the coil when the red lights are on.

4. Containment - Rotary spark gaps are always fully enclosed and capacitors are always in vessels 
that contain and/or direct the effects of an explosive failure.

5. Discharge - To discharge caps I use an auto jumper cable connected to a metal spike fastened 
to the end of a five foot wooden pole.

6. Hand in Pocket - An old trick could save your life: Keep one arm behind your back when making 
primary adjustments.

7. Procedure - All clear, plug in, key switch on, coil on, 30 seconds or less, coil off, key 
switch off, plug out, all safe.

Jeff W. Parisse

Comments? Additions?