Re: 200kHz good, 100kHz better.

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 The 100kHz coil is wound on a 25 litre bucket, white (polythene?),
 sold in Boots the chemist here for brewing beer, wound with 0.4mm wire
 from top to bottom.  (Given that American wire gauge is different from
 British wire guage and that the whole scientific world has gone metric -
 shouldn't we drop wire guage sizes all
 together - or is this heresy;)
 Without a discharge electrode sparks break out not on the toroid 
 but on the wire between the coil and the toriod - how do I stop this?  


It sounds like the toroid may be mounted too close to the coil.  Try
different mounting heights.  Or, possibly it is a frequency problem whereby
the 1/4 point is being achieved below the top of the coil.  Have you tried
changing the frequency to eliminate this?

Ed Sonderman