Re: Tesla Software

Hi Malcolm,

>Perhaps some air inside may account for it although they are rather 
>solid once rolled. I do know from my plate cap that its capacitance
>went down by a third when I loosened it to allow oil to penetrate and 
>then went back up to nearly the original value once the oil was in 
>there. Beyond that, I'm not sure. In fact the cap consists of 12
>plates (6 per actual plate) each a metre long. This greatly 
>facilitated rolling. I suppose there's an element of suck and see in 
>all this. I'm sure Richard Hull would concur. As I say, repeatability 
>was good, and the design is predictably scalable to other values
>e.g. 50nF. 

Thanks for the update. Those figures seem much better now. Obviously will
never be 100% but it looks pretty good. I will try out a few more measured
caps that I have just built and see what it's like.

For everybody elese eagerly awaiting release 1.0 (which is FREE!!) I hope it
won't be too long now. Just have more testing to do.