Re: Need help comprehending EM

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> Subject: Re: Need help comprehending EM
> Re: "Forget Maxwell!  He's dead!  Do your own work!"
> Richard:
>         That sounds a little extreme.  In our business we do a
> great deal of first order, second order, and even fancier modeling
> based on math models based on Maxwell's equations, and they give
> answers as good as the approximations involved, converging exact
> results in analytic and testable cases.  Not sure whether your
> reference is to high-energy particle physics, where things are
> potentially very much different.
>         Any further explanation?
> Ed Phillips


If you will note in my post, I mentioned that this "statement" was 
extreme, but the message was received and decoded by me in the proper 
perspective and context.

I even noted in my post that most of Maxwell's equations seem to satisfy 
many engineering requirements.

It was the core theoretical model and visualization which I was not too 
sure of.

Richard Hull, TCBOR