Re: Using SF6 for cap../ safety note

Hi Kristian,

      I'd no intentian of No-No'ing
your research ---- clearly, you are knowledgeable
in the area being looked into ---
       I've had some experiences with the "goofies "
involved with the AQMD & OSHA folk here ----(zealots)

       I allude more to the chemistry of the more common
things (re:the safety FAQ ) -----
       I mentioned carbolic acid  (phenol)--- which some might 
be interested in for the purpose of making their own
coil forms etc. -------  (bakelite)----- 
       Carbolic acid is a powerful disinfectant  , used early on
by being sprayed openly into the room where / while patients 
were "under the knife "------so one might consider this chemical
as being "safe to handle " ---------- use gloves --- it kills if absorbed
thru the skin ! ----- 
        Does it kill everyone who handles the same amounts as killed
someone else ? ------------- no ---- Unfortunately you have to die
before the exact amount lethal to you is known -- (not much
help to you  ).
         The idea of stopping research because of  "they don't know"
is not always a good idea ------- considering that there are good
things that come from such explorations --- I'm told , for example :
          The fuel for the JATO bottle (Jet Assisted Take Off)
was invented by a student that didn't know it "couldn't be done "
           The fuel is known as GALCIT (Guggenheim Aeronautical
Laboratories California Institute of Technology )
                 I don' wanna be no stinking  Zealot 
Have at it,