Explosions, Liability, etc.


I have been following with interest all this talk about who's going to be
responsible in case of accident and should Chip be "Safety Cop" for the group,
etc. and I must put in my two cents worth.

Somewhere in the deep dark past the notion was born that one person could be
responsible for the actions of another; simultaneously, burocracy came into
existence, charging itself with that responsibility and with the sacred task of
protecting us from our own stupidity.  The result is the ever-expanding
regulatory morass we have today.  It would be so easy for some over-enthusiastic
bureau-weenie to decide: "Coiling is not in the Public Interest" and we would be
instantly "put out of business".  (Literally out of busines for some of us!)  Is
that what we want?

BTW, I've boiled, fried, overheated, melted and exploded all kinds of things in
my time; I've also nearly electrocuted, burned and otherwise nearly killed
myself in every imaginable way.  Not once did I believe that even a hint of
respnsibility lay anywhere other than in the space (vacuum?) between my two
ears.  I like it that way.

So, Caveat (insert Latin word for Coiler here)!  If you can't take the voltage,
get out of the workshop!

As a result of recent events, CP could well decide that it is too risky to
supply caps to "unwashed masses" of Tesla-coilers for liability reasons.  Chip
may decide, also due to potential liability issues,  that it is too risky to
manage a public Tesla coil forum.  Both could be potential results of the
unfortunate turn of events occurring here as a result of two recent component

Any such knee-jerk reaction, in my opinion, would not represent a useful
advancement in the art of Tesla coiling. 

My two cents,