Re: Railroad Track Ground

Hi Jeff,

     I think tracks are usually fairly well isolated from one another 
because of safety crossings ----- the gates /lights are triggered
by the shunting of the rails by the approaching train.
      If there is a power or phone pole nearby they are usually 
provided with a pretty hefty ground wire --- (you could check
for continuity to the tracks ) i don't think the phone/power
people would would be happy to have it used as "the" ground though .
      If commercial power is available --- why not clamp a K.W. or
so----- load   between it & the tracks  & see if i t works ?

       Since S*** happens ---- 

I'd check for any abandoned /buried fuel  tanks etc .--- Methane gas in the
sewers  too ?               (where does the track go ?)
     Sounds like you'r gonna have fun with the shoot --- OKDOKE !

Hope this input helps--