Re: Railroad Track Ground

Bill H,

> The ground I use is a 1/2" copper pipe
> (hollow) that I've pounded 20' straight down, along the pipe I have
> drilled holes every few inches, on the top I soldered a water spigot which
> I ran a garden hose to. With water pressure on max. I stood on the roof
> and pounded away until I was at ground level, I think EXXON uses this
> method. After a few days you can "seed" your ground threw the pipe, I
> usually use potassium chloride-they use it to kill roots etc. (big blue
> crystals) you can find it in the hardware stores.

Great tip. There is a building and a chain link fence nearby so if the railroad track doesn't 
work I've got other options but I think from what I've read, I'll go with it...

> Jeff tell us about your coil?  What type of effects are you shooting etc...

The coil is described at "www.DDLabs-dot-com/Tesla.html" and is still being constructed (it'll be 
done in a couple of weeks). It's a 12.75" dia. 42" long secondary but we're only shooting for 5' 
to 6' discharges for now.

The production company that wants to rent the unit does all the creative stuff. From the 
conversations I've had, they want to film the unit with very industrial backgrounds (anyone who 
has seen the Santa Fe and Central Ave. part of Los Angeles knows what I mean, yikes!) so they can 
use either the footage as filmed or with a cyclorama (big cloth backdrop) for digital composites 
later. I'm sure it's for a rock video or something 'cause a TV or movie producer would know 
EXACTLY what they wanted.

Who is their client? I never ask. But if it comes up, I'll let everyone know...   ...Jeff