Re: Using SF6 for cap..

Hi Kristian, all,

> - no danger of oil burning/exploding around
> - no air-bubbles possible, will replace air everywhere especially
>   when a vacuum is pumped first
> - SF6 can be replaced every once and a while if necessary
> - is not messy/heavy like oil, is heavier than air
> - if cap fails it's easy to fix as there's no oil to mess the setup
> etc..
> Any ideas? Comments? (I know SF6 is toxic)

I've read that discharges and SF6 don't mix well. The SF6 can becomne 
dissociated into some nasty chemicals. I think freon would be a 
better choice unless there is no possibility of a discharge 
occurrring in the gas. Greg Leyh had something to say about this in 
his TCBA article.