Re: Gap Configurations and DC Excitation Questions...

	Agree with your thoughts.  That's the way a lot of radar
modulators work, and they work fine.  You can more or less decouple
your spark rate from the 60 cycle line frequency (assuming you
have a stiff enough power supply filter to eliminate significant
ripple).  And, of course, if you use a blocking diode in series w
ith the inductor you can charge the tank capacitor to TWICE
the DC voltage.  Or, doing it another way, if you full-wave rectified
a neon transformer with a diode on each side, using resonant charging
you could still get the same capacitor voltage you would if it were
strung across the whole transformer operating as an AC power source.
	This is THEORY!  Haven't tried it here, so am speaking from
what I think is sound technical grounds, but can't prove it by
experiment.  Can 't believe it's wrong, though.
Ed Phillips