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> [snip]  Remember, that the old Tesla coil wizard and
> >author, Transtrom was killed doing just such a stunt. [snip]
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> >Richard Hull, TCBOR
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> Where can one learn more about "Transtrom"?  Wallace Edward Brand


Transtrom was a very early Tesla experimenter/builder and wrote a book 
"High Frequency Apparatus", in the 20s I believe.  Lindsay Publications 
reprinted it in the late 80s and early 90's. Catalog #20030.

 The information in it is old and out of date.  He was a showman too.  In 
his last performance, ever, he was attached to his coil (ala Wysock) and 
the curtain came down with a grounded lower bar and the arcs jumped to it 
from his body and killed him.  That is the extent of my knowledge in the 
matter.  I believe this was mentioned in the TCBA News in a past issue.  
To my knowledge he is the only death from Tesla coils in the literature.

Lindsay pubs

Richard Hull, TCBOR