secondary design

Hi everyone
I have been trying to design and build a secondary for the last couple of 
years that will resonate at a frequency that is equal to the 1/4 
wavelength frequency of the length of wire used to wind it. I do not wish 
to use a toroid or other terminal capacitance to lower the frequency. So 
far I have been drawing a total blank. In order to obtain sufficient 
inductance to resonate the self C of the winding, the diameter of the 
winding becomes becomes very large and the height of the winding must 
necessairly become quite short. In fact it begins to look like Tesla's 
flat spiral may be the only way to accomplish what I want to do.

I wonder if anyone may have tried this in the past or if anyone has some 
ideas which I might try.

I would appreciate any ideas no matter how far fetched. I will try them 
and report back to the group.

A second question: Has anyone ever tried to use an inverted cone 
secondary.... large diameter on the top and small diameter on the bottom 
and driven by the primary. If you think about it, this arrangement may 
have some significant advantages over a "standard" solenoid wound coil.