Re: Capacitor Explosion

Hi all,
        I was disappointed to hear about CP's treatment of your 
complaint Richard. Not what I would expect from a top quality company.
They shouldn't have been surprized that a small select community 
should know about the woes of one of its members regarding one of 
their caps. Not too many people indulge in making lightning in the 
     Regarding the oil and cap laying on its side - what the heck do 
they expect? I noticed when I first got mine that I could hear oil 
sloshing around in side. I had to assume that was OK but I now have 
my doubts. Sloshing sounds = air inside. I haven't decided exactly 
what course of action I should take but I'm thinking about putting
a plug in the end and topping the thing up properly (stuff the 
     The only comfort I have received from all this is that at least 
the dielectric seems sound enough. I'm amazed that, given the size of 
the external studs, the internal interconnects sound as if they're 
entirely inadequate. Perhaps they haven't heard of Kirchoff's Law.
     Not very satisfactory!