CP caps self order

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>Sorry to hear all the fuss regarding the cap order.... It kinda makes me a 
>little upset to see someone upset the whole business by being a fool and 
>blaming others for lack of knowledge.  These are the types that sue the 
>car manufacturer after they drive off a Cliff cuz the tail lights were 
>wired wrong.... jeeeze!

>can you provide me with the contacts 
>and/or info so I can complete my purchase..

I was orginally going to order 2 more caps for a total of 4 .025uf caps.
Now I think that I will be ordering 2 .1's for a total of $850. They really
do not give much of a price break, when we ordered as a group, we could get a
custom version with larger studs. They have a special list of caps made just
for Tesla coil use, that you could have them fax to you.

Condenser products phone # is 352-796-3561. Call them after Tuesday.

Kevin M. Conkey