Re: CP Group Order Halted

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>Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 03:25:04 -0600
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>Subject: Re: CP Group Order Halted

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>> [major snippage because what I first wrote was out of anger]
>> I need a pep talk.
>> Bob Schumann
>I had to erase my posts too. Same reason. Gotta turn this anger into 
>something constructive for the good of the group. I suggest we first 
>formalize a saftey checklist and agree to follow it. Then limit our 
>membership to those who sign off on the checklist.

   I've done that a few times.  Write your note in a separate file,
   then leave it for at least 24 hours.  Read it again, edit it,  and
   leave it for another 24 hours.  Then read it again, edit it, go
   through and replace all your nasty words with nice words, and then
   if you think it's still important, then post it.

   I have often found that the use of offhand (notice I did NOT say
   off-colour!) humour is much more useful than attacking somebody for
   their actions or words.  An attack usually begets another attack,
   but there are better ways.  "As apples of gold in silver carvings
   is a word spoken at the right time for it". (Proverbs)

   Regarding the Safety FAQ:  this is an excellent idea.  In fact I
   would consider it mandatory.  Many people building or considering
   building Tesla Coils and who might subscribe to this list (and some
   of whom do subscribe to the USA-TESLA list) are quite inexperienced
   at electrical work and barely know the first things about
   electrical safety, or Radio Frequency Interference, or the energy
   stored in some electrical devices.

>I'll help draft it...
>Jeff W. Parisse
>[ The saftey list is a great idea.  It should go in the FAQ that Kristian
>  has worked on.

   Maybe yes, maybe no.  The Safety FAQ will undoubtedly be useful for
   non-Tesla-Coil work.  Therefore, the Safety FAQ should also be
   available as a separate document.   If the Technical FAQ gets
   really long it will bury the Safety FAQ.   What the Technical FAQ
   should do is make many references to the Safety FAQ by citation and
   by example, and it should include the Safety FAQ as an appendix.

>  As to limiting membership, that's another story.  I will
>  try to work up some sort of saftey warning for new members, but there is no
>  way that I can enforce safe practices by list members.  All that I can and 
>  do enforce is that the topics of discussion be tesla coil related.  
>  I don't discriminate based on anything else. -- Chip ]

   One thing the list owner could do is personally mail to the new
   members when they are accepted a copy of both FAQs, and another
   short note indicating their importance and where to get updated

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