Re: Safety

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>I thought the Tesla Video Primer did just this! I forget, do you have 
>this tape?  Safety and construction of a persons first tesla coil is 
>the key to this tapes effort. If you could clarify what might be 
>needed a bit more, I could consider creating just such a tape.
>Richard Hull, TCBOR

I'm glad this thread is now evolving into a very valuable and 
constructive thread on safety.

Yes, I do have your Tesla Video Primer.  It's excellent and I highly 
recommended it.  I have incorporated all of your recommendations.  My 
idea would be to take it a few steps further beyond the basics.  In 
your videos and RQ's video, shots of your control panels abound.  There 
seem to be multiple breakers, controls and safety devices.  I'm curious 
about the way you safely sequence up your devices.  A whole video could 
be made on just your control panel.  

Also, in you videos and RQ's, I have never seen a specific safety 
barrier or device around a capacitor or rotary gap.  Nor, have I heard 
you mention them before.  Do you use them?  After my recent experience 
and your graphic discription of ". . .They are a literally an energy 
bomb!  . . . or can explode with the violence of a grenade. . .", maybe 
they are a welcome addition.   My impression is that prior to this 
episode no one used them, but most are using barriers now.  

Your experience on safe cabling and safe hook up and connections would 
be invaluable.

Perhaps others on this list would also contribute suggestions to you 
for a safety video.