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> Subject: Cap size
> I recently posted a question regarding cap sizes. It either did not get
> through or was ignored, probably the later. But just in case, I'll ask it
> again.
> I have a 6" coil with a 120ma 15kv neon. The best cap size for this setup
> is 0.02 ufd. I have 4 homemade poly caps run in series/parallel that give
> me a total of 0.01ufd. I'm running a balanced Tesla tank. Would the
> performance be much less considering I'm only using half the recommended
> capacitance? I'm currently getting 4 - 5 feet of spark.
> Tesla experimented with terminal heights. Does anyone know how much the
> frequency drops per foot raised etc?
> Thanks,
> Greg.


The .02 will give you a bit more spark and a much hotter one too.  Just 
don't expect miracles.  Although, you are doing incredibly well with the 
.01!!!  Nice system!

The terminal height vs. frequency shift is none linear and relate to the 
terminal shape and surface area.  No pat answers here.

Richard Hull, TCBOR