Ready for First Smoke Test

Hello Group:

	I've been quietly plugging away at my coil construction since last
November and it looks like I'm about ready to test tomorrow night.  It
might be fate that it will be Friday, since then I'll have two days off
from work to calm down again.  I enjoyed reading Richard Hull's comments
about his wife's "contact" with Tesla sparks.  After I put my new
grounding system in, which is two eight foot rods six feet apart with 6"
wide aluminum sheet connecting them, I quickly showed my wife since the
connection point is one rod sticking up next to a land scaping log by
our drive.  While I was up north at my brothers cabin last week she cut
the lawn and the grounding rod too!  Amazing what a Bolens 16 H.P. mower
with a 48" deck can do to a ground rod and the blade sharpness. 
Actually little damage to either, but it did take some effort to
straighten out the rod.  
    I finished my primary interconnections last night and resonated the
primary at 130 Khz with the secondary at 140 Khz. I'll be setting up by
our drive way turn around area.  Everything is built on casters so I
just have to wheel the components out and bring a broom to sweep up
afterwards!  I hope not.  I plan on only needing about a 4 foot run to
the ground system, so I hope things work out.  I'll post the results
over the week end if I actually find that everything was really
complete.  I've taken so long at this I can't believe I'm really ready
to smoke test.

Chuck Curran