Re: 3/4 wavelength secondaries

Hi All you coilers,
>      I think this thread might be blowin' in the wind a bit. 
> My original finding was that you cannot make a helical resonator
> resonate at a frequency such that its wire is 1/4 wavelength long at 
> that frequency without adding some additional capacitance. I know that 
> electrically a bare coil does the full 90 degrees at its natural 
> frequency but that ignores the length of the wire used to make it.
> To date I've not been given a single example of a coil which meets
> the f and wirelength conditions without a terminal and can only 
> assume that my finding stands. My personal opinion is that it really 
> doesn't matter but others may have different views.
> Malcolm
This is probably a real dumb one, but what the hey.
Has anyone made a straight wire resonator, or maybe one big single
turn? There must be a half mile of electric fence around someplace.
Of course the opposite would be true if we transmitted wireless power,
a half-wave bridge might look pretty neat in the dark.

I disavow any knowledge of my actions.
dave huffman