Re: Teslas wireless power

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>Subject: Teslas wireless power

>     Hi all, this is aimed at Richard Hull, but open for discussion by 
>     anyone, naturally.
>     Richard, regarding the recent posts on "what Tesla Coils are good 
>     for", I was wondering about Teslas grandest dream, and debatably 
>     foremost application of the TC, wireless transmission of power. I am 
>     aware that RQ has done some experiments on this and he has related 
>     them to the group before. Have you conducted any experiments along 
>     these lines with Magnifiers? I remember that in the Guide to the CSN 
>     you tend to steer clear of commenting on Teslas Wireless power system. 
>     What are your opinions as to this method of power transmission as 
>     regards technical feasability?
>     Thanks
>     Steve Crawshaw


Tesla's dream of wireless transmission of electrical power, if 
implemented on a large scale would saturate the surface area of the 
earth, and a zone above it extending about 7-10 miles with an alternating, RF 
high voltage field gradient way above that normally produced by 
nature and experienced by humans, animals and plantlife from natural sources.
If you have ever been in the proximity of a low frequency transmitting 
antenna operating at high power levels, or a vacuum tube Tesla coil, 
you will know that although it is neat to pick up a florescent lamp 
and have it light in your grasp, you will also be aware that you will receive
a nasty RF burn wherever any part of your body comes in close proximity to  
either grounded or charged floating metal objects.  I have lived in 
Canada all my life and find it extremely bothersome in our cold dry 
winters when I walk across the carpet and get zapped when I touch a 
metal object like a door knob.  Tesla's system would produce a 
similar zapping environment, everywhere, all the time.  As an aside, 
any solid state electronic equipment which we now find commonplace 
such as computers, FAX machines, digital watches, palm top computers, 
GPS receivers, digital synthesized radio receivers, scanners , etc. 
would not work in this world of electrified atmosphere invented by 
Tesla in an era that predated all these modern, micro power 
electronic toys.

On a small scale, a Tesla coil demonstration of wireless power is 
educational, fun and relatively harmless.  On a larger scale it could be quite 
disruptive to commerce and industry.  If you ever set up a wireless power
transmitting station like Wardencliffe as proposed by Tesla, I will personally
come and kick your ass!

Happy Coiling!, without the wireless power crap, rwstephens