Re: Singing like a banshee

	The radio literature of the "good old spark days" is full
of amusing (but not for those involved) stories of "kickbacks", in
which high voltage induced by spark transmitters started arcs in
the household power distribution lines which resulted in real power
flowing at 60 cycles and melting stuff down.  I'm sure it happened.
At one time when I was away from home I ran a 75 meter rig with a
long wire strung out to a convenient tree.  After a few days I found
out that the front porch light in the rooming house was lighting
up orange when I was transmitting (this was in the good old AM days).
Apparently most of the power was being absorbed by the house wires.
Obviously some of the TC systems without proper primary circuit 
decoupling and grounding could produce some rather sensational
problems along the same lines.
Ed Phillips