Re: Tesla Software

 > The best Tesla design software presently available is the      
 > JHCTES Ver 2.2 program. Of course, I am prejudiced.

Does it still kick out my best coils stating that my designs
exceed the voltage rating of the construction? The funny thing is
that each and every one of my best, high inductance secondaries,
did not pass the muster of the program design limits. The
software "kicks out" my very best coils. As I reduce inductance
in the secondary coil, I also reduce the spark output, and then
the software begins to accept the "detuned" system as being
within the voltage breakdown limits of the construction. I am
referring to JHCTES copyrighted 1992. If you have a newer, more
accurate version of this software, you might consider sending me
a copy of the update. I paid you for the book and disk, was not
really impressed with the results when compared to the coils I
was designing and building. As a result I gave the software a
less than favorable rating because the data out contradicted the
results produced in the lab. I am not a chiseler, I have also
purchased all of your books. But based on my previous experience
with this software I would not be willing to pay for the update,
nor would I recommend this software to novices. 

If the updated software performs better than the 1992 version I
already own then would be more than happy to revise the review in
my frequently updated and publically posted list of Tesla

Just a thought.


P.S. A very good coil construction guide can be downloaded for
free from the ftp site. Look for file COILBLD.ZIP. The ftp-site
is  nic.funet.fi  alias  ftp.funet.fi  and this site can
be connected using anon-ftp. The files are in the directory
/pub/sci/electrical/tesla and it's subdirectories. 

Richard Quick

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