Rotary Safety

I have suggested to Scotty, and I believe that he has repeated  the
idea to the group here for an economical sheild for rotary gaps.  I am 
building mine with a .1875" sheet aluminum ring around the diameter
of my wheel.  Over this I have 2 layers of old automotive seat belts
rivited to the ring.  I have seen this design contain clutch 
explosions in racing smowmobiles that produce well over a hundred 
horsepower and rpm's in excess of 10,000.  Call me paranoid, but
a wooden box even if it was made out of heavy plywood still seems
vulnerable to disentigration in a high rpm component failure.   

> This is interesting.  When I originally built my rotary gap, I also built a
> wooden housing for it to run in.  I was concerned about the wheel exploding
> and the enclosure also shields the uv.  When I received the first C.P.
> capacitor, my first reaction was to worry about it exploding.  For its first
> installation, I built a wooden cradle to hold it and a wooden box to sit over
> the top with slots in the ends for the connections.  I thought if it blows,
> at least the box would contain the parts.