Re: Safety FAQ (Electrical Hazards)

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> > > Subject: Re: Safety FAQ (Electrical Hazards)
> > Subject: Re: Safety FAQ (Electrical Hazards)
> > > Subject: Re: Safety FAQ (Electrical Hazards)
> > Wallace,
> >
> > Transtrom was a very early Tesla experimenter/builder and wrote a book
> > "High Frequency Apparatus", in the 20s I believe.  Lindsay Publications
> > reprinted it in the late 80s and early 90's. Catalog #20030.
> >
> >  The information in it is old and out of date.  He was a showman too.  In
> > his last performance, ever, he was attached to his coil (ala Wysock) and
> > the curtain came down with a grounded lower bar and the arcs jumped to it
> > from his body and killed him.  That is the extent of my knowledge in the
> > matter.  I believe this was mentioned in the TCBA News in a past issue.
> > To my knowledge he is the only death from Tesla coils in the literature.
> >
> > Lindsay pubs
> > 1-815-935-5353
> >
> > Richard Hull, TCBOR
> Richard -
>   Might his real name have been Thomas Stanley Curtis??? I have an
> *original* copy of the 1920 "High Frequency Apparatus" text...
> - Brent Turner
> http://www.apc-dot-net/bturner/t-page2.htm

Brent, All

Another apology!  Wow!  I am at work when I write this stuff and don't 
have my Tesla stuff here. I have to work from a fading 50 year old memory 
on subjects and books I read 10 years ago.  The most of the information 
contained in both Transtrom's and Curtis' books is old and just not valid 
anymore.  Therefore, I haven't referenced them in years.  Almost any 
method of construction beats what they did!  Their books are must haves 
for any Tesla experimenter though, from a historical reference stand 
point. Transtrom was indeed the fellow killed. (at least I got something 
correct!)  He wrote a book entitled "Electricity at High Pressures and 
Frequencies, 1921.  I have originals of both books, plus Lindsay 
reprints.  Its good that we have some folks checkin' up on us oldsters 
thanks for pointing out the Faux Pas Brent.  Incorrect info is no info at 

Richard Hull, TCBOR