Capacitor Info

I received a fax from Condenser Products today.  Based on the information
that I supplied them about the transformer voltage and rotary (speed and # of
contacts) that I am using, they said the stress on the capacitor that I had
that failed was 848 volts per mil.  This was a .025 mfd cap rated at 15kv.
 They suggested going up to model TC253-34-300 - which is the same .025 mfd,
20kv cap that we have been discussing for group purchases.  They said the
stress on this cap would be reduced to 624 volts per mil.  This is the same
cap that I am now using.

I would guess this fax indicates they are still in the Tesla coil cap
business.  Good for them.  The letter is dated 7-11-96.  I don't know who
said it, but the Tesla coil cap business must account for a very small
portion of their total income.  I don't really understand how they can make
much profit selling these things for $207.00.  I do think they would be
better off by not offering any warranty on these.  If they work when you get
them, that's it, you own it.  This certainly isn't a commercial application
we are using these for and I can't imagine a worse possible enviornment.  I
hold no ill will towards this company.

Ed Sonderman