Re: Using SF6 for cap../ safety note

On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, Tesla List wrote:

> >  Oh, one other thing to be aware of before using this stuff is that it 
> > is a known Ozone eater like the CFC's.

Luckily the TC will create ozone so balance is maintaineth :)  (I know,
depends on altitude really) - Besides, I don't think a few liters every
now and then matter much - blown xformers/switches insulated with SF6 must
cause a lot bigger leaks to the atmosphere..

>        In the interest of "a longer half-life " --- 
>     May I humbly suggest that we avoid the implementation 
> of such things as those which contain the warning :
>   ******************** " IF STILL BREATHING "************************

Hmm.. I'd say that running TCs without electricity is a bit of a
challenge.. (An electric shock can cease one's breathing reflex too) 

>              I take this warning as a "hint " of danger ---- :-)

Surely SF6 is "dangerous" - most pure gasses are in some way or another,
especially when stored as liquids.. I'd rather handle LSF6 than, say, LOX
though.. That doesn't mean I generally stop using O2 :)


>        There are many solvents etc.  such as benzene -- carbolic acid  ,
> that are readily absorbed through the skin --- & can be lethal

How can you get into long exposures of SF6 to your skin while using it in
a sealed tank? Besides, those "safety-charts" on materials are usually a
bit on the over-reacting side - if memory serves gold-foil has that
warning on skin-exposure too.. Beats me why.. In fact, most chemicals have
that "wear glowes when handling" even though it would practically be
nonsense.. Of course, it's always a good practise to use safety measures
(goggles,gloves,hearing protection etc.) if/when handling potentially
dangerous chemicals..

The results of SF6 breaking due to arcing etc. will create chemicals I'd
worry about getting near skin BUT even in this case the amounts would be
small enough not to cause real danger.. Just think about all those
radioactive dusts, heavy-metal particles, toxic gasses etc. that we all do
inhale 24h per day in this industrialized world - much more dangerous! 

>         Since we are looking for components to enhance our
> coils ------------- perhaps a chemical do's & dont's FAQ
> is an important inclusion as well ??

Merck-index (or was it CRC p&c handbook) has a list like that.. It has the
"normal" things about labile organic peroxides etc.. 

  Kristian Ukkonen.