Re: Safety FAQ (Electrical Hazards)

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 Hmmm, I've often held a copper rod in the output sparks of a 4" coil. It 
 was only 1 kVa so I assume it was quite safe. On a larger coil, say 5 - 
 10 kVa, would it still be safe to do this?
 I know Bill Wysock (spelling?) is renound for sitting atop a 1MV coil.
 The reason I ask, is because when I show my new coil, I would like to be 
 able to demonstrate this effect. The coil is running at about 2 kVa.
 Is this safe? (provided I am well insulated and in good tune)


I have attracted the sparks from my coil running at 2 or 3 kva using a metal
rod.  There is enough current there to make my arm jump.  It is definitely
best to stand on plastic milk crates or some other insulator.  You can
definitely feel it when the sparks jump through your tennis shoes to the
cement floor.  No harm done though.

Ed Sonderman