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Subject: Re: 400 hertz variacs -- A use for them?

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Excellent idea, Chip, about using the torioid core for other coils.  I have
taken the cores from TV flyback coils and rewound them into baluns (balanced
to unbalanced impedance-matching transformers) and they worked great.  It's
only necessary to get the two-piece core, separate the two halves and remove
the small piece of paper between the mating surfaces ((this is on the flyback
cores)).  I also cleaned the surfaces with trichloroethane to get all the
residue off to make a good physical contact but I suspect alcohol would havde
done the same thing.  Anyway, wattmeter checks into and out of the balun gave
the same wattage reading at 50 Ohms impedance from 3.5 thru 30 megahertz.~

If there are some really dedicated coil winders, the cores may be stacked and
used at a lower frequency, also.  Just another thought.....~

Bob Lunsford//~