Ignitron tube

I just scrounged two massive ignitron tubes from a salvage yard.
They're about 6 inches in diameter and a foot long.  The buss bars look like 
they could carry thousands of amperes of current.

Manufacturer: Weltronic Ignitron 210-0147   NL-1052A   Size C

Anyone familiar with these things?  I tried digging thru my catalogs, Radio 
Amateur Handbook, etc., and I can't find  _anything_ on Ignitrons.  I 
believe they're a rectifier/switch, and they look like they have a control 
pin (grid, gate?)  They are water cooled.

I'm sure I have a good find here, and I think they'd be good for exploding 
wire/water stuff, and maybe as a good rectifier for building a d.c. Tesla 
coil system, but I have no clue as to how to wire one.

Maybe one of the more experienced on this list serve could toss a crumb of 
experience my way on these things?