Re: mineral oil for caps

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>Subject: mineral oil for caps
>Hey coilers,
>I'm kinda new at this, but I do have a couple small coils that seem to work
>ok for a first try. I think the problem I'm havin' is with my crummy glass
>plate caps...they're just not very good quality.  So I got all the materials
>to build some of Richard Hulls' poly-alum-wrapped-submerged in oil type
>caps.  I also sent for his video on their construction (want to get them
>right the first time)   Anyway, I can't seem to locate a source for the
>mineral oil, and was wondering if transformer oil would work as well.  Also,
>the xformer oil I found was available as "inhibited or uninhibited"...What
>does that mean? Which is better for this application?  I've been reading all
>of the posts here, and I know someone can answer these questions.  Also, I
>got R.Quick's video of his pole-pig powered monster...WOAH! pretty
>impressive! Thanks Richard. I think I'll be stickin' to neons, at least for
>a while.  Well, that's all I got for now. Thanks for your help.
>               Ken Cravens
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  The mineral oil you need is Thermia-C from the shell oil corporation.It is
perfect for the homemade caps.I have been using it successfully for 5-years
now.It comes in  
5-gallon pails for about 26.00....much cheeper that buying the mieral oil in
the drug store or in the pharmacy.Check it out.
                                                              Jeff Mullins