tesla coil building

Chip I've just subscribed to the Tesla list server, but am in a bit of a time
crunch for building a coil with my son for his science fair project.  We're
about out of time and are in need of a source for a 5KV AC .015~ mfd cap.
 any info would be appreciated.  My email is rgramly-at-AOL-dot-com  or
rgramly-at-immcms1.redstone.army.mil      Our coil is a primary with 10 turns of
#6 copper wire in a rising helix and a 4.5 inch secondary  29" long with 1600
turns of #26 AWG magnet wire.  Power is supplied by a %KV 30 ma neon xformer.
 We'd also be interested in info on pickup coil design since the actual
experiment ( the excuse to build the Tesla coil) is to try different antenna
shapes for receiption of the broadcast power.  I've tried to download the
pickup.txt.z files fron fun..... ; but can't seem to find the right
decompression tools.  Sorry about the long post,  but we'd sure appreciate
any help you might have.    thanx  rich gramly.

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