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>A couple of books, though rather dated, which may be of interest:
>Principles of Radio Communication - J H Morecroft
>Some topics:
>Arc and Spark resistance - typical curves
>Spark Gap Transmitters
>Tuned coupled circuits ala  tesla type circuits
>	also some oscillograms of real circuits beating
>Nice collection of Inductance formulas for
>	various coil geometries
>Industrial High frequency Electric Power - E. May
>Arc and tube-type power oscillators for induction heating, etc..
>-Ed Harris
  Morecroft is the one good book,I have enjoyed for years.The Radio
Communications book from RCA is also a winner.The old stuff was created by
guys that understood Radio/Tesla Coils extremely well.Fred Terman's books
from Stanford University of the 1930's is also excellent.These guys were
simply amazing in the way they seemed to clarify the relatively mysterious
world of early electronics.Keep up the research...it is never ending.
                                                               Jeff Mullins