FW: Pigs

>What really got me excited was when they said that depending on
>who's there buying and what they're selling, the transformers could go
>for anywhere from $20 to $70!  Even if they're off by a factor of 2, that
>still seems like a great deal to me.

That sounds about right.  When I picked one up at the local San Diego Gas 
and Electric repair yard, they were charging $3 per KVA.  This was their 
rate for "scrap metal", since they had so many of them.  We paid $30 for a 
10 KVA pole pig.  Very heavy.  A couple of years later we picked up a 100:1 
potential transformer (1.5 KVA) which is much lighter and easier to move 
(put wheels on it).  I don't recall how much we paid (probably less than 

Bryan Zublin